eCommerce Custom Fields

Module description

eCommerce Custom Fields allows you to add quickly and easily any fields from the product.template model directly to the product page (e-shop).

How it works ?

Go to the 'Custom Fields' menu (reachable from the Website module > Configuration) and create a new line specifying the field and placement on the product page. You also have the choice to restrict the display of this field to a website (in a multi-website context). That's it! Take a look at the screenshots.

Note that this fields are supported: char, text, integer, float, boolean, html, date, datetime, many2one, selection. You can easily check the field type and if it is supported (see screenshot below). You also have the option of displaying the label on the same line (Label Inline option).

Available product page positions:

Above Product Title
Under Product Title
Above Product Price
Under Product Price
Above "Add To Cart" Button
Under "Add To Cart" Button
Under "Add To Wishlist" Button

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