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ISO/IEC 17025 Clause 6.6.3.c

How to cope with it...

So, another interesting clause in the ISO/IEC 17025.

The lab shall communicate its requirements to external providers for competence, including any required qualifications of the personnel.

Unlike in other clauses, there is no way to escape this... there is no unless the laboratory has a good reason not to do it or, whenever necessary.

This clause applies to the purchase of products ans services, from reagents, calibration, house cleaning, equipment maintenance,...

Let's take some examples :

- purchase of HCl, icp grade

- purchase of calibration services

- purchase of micropipettes tips

- contract for the maintenance of the ICP

- IT provider (LIMS)

How do you communicate with the provider to fulfill this clause ?

I will give my thoughts, globally and per exemple later...

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