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​The company

Enzybel is a Belgian producer of plant-based enzymes. These enzymes, 95% of which are exported, are used in the food, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.

The raw materials are sourced via foreign subsidiaries. For example, Bromelain is obtained directly from the pineapple stem in Indonesia and Papain from the papaya in Congo.

Their needs

Implementing Enzybel's production process in an ERP system such as Odoo requires a certain amount of expertise in the food and microbiological field. Indeed, the raw materials used have variable concentrations, which makes reservations and consumption complex.
At LogicaSoft, we had already encountered this particularity in the probiotics sector with the Odoo project for THT.

In addition to the production and logistics flow, it is very important for Enzybel to analyse the profitability of their finished products.