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Logicasoft becomes Dynapps


The company

The BioWin competitiveness cluster brings together all the players in the health innovation system (biopharma and medtech) in Wallonia, with the aim of stimulating economic redeployment.

BioWin has a large number of members (research laboratories, large pharmaceutical companies, SMEs, service providers, universities, colleges, incubators, investors, etc.).

BioWin Members

Their needs

BioWin has been using Odoo for a few years but in a very limited and not optimal way. Odoo was only used as a contact and project database. Through the parallel use of other software such as Mailshimp or Eventbrite, the potential of Odoo was not exploited.

The aim is to integrate the management of their members and their marketing but also to automate certain flows in order to save encoding time.

The solution

Initially, Odoo will allow BioWin to manage the membership flow from A to Z; 

Starting with a request from a web form, passing through the CRM flow which will allow the creation of the contact and finally ending with the creation of a subscription. All this will also improve and automate the billing follow-up.

In a second phase, we will automate the marketing and communication part. Indeed, the replacement of third party software by Odoo modules (CRM, Events, web forms, Email Marketing) will automatically feed the contact database. This will give us the possibility to target, segment and exploit these contacts.