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Odoo LIMS by LogicaSoft offers the widest functional coverage on the market by taking advantage of all the management applications available within Odoo CRM, sales, purchasing, stock, production, invoicing, accounting, maintenance, quality control, helpdesk, project management, etc.) and applications from its Open Source community (> 10,000 apps). Only one platform is needed to manage your entire workflow. There is no longer any need to own third-party applications to manage a laboratory.



The software is easy to use. With just a few clicks, it is possible to trace and track the entire life cycle of a sample.

From sample creation to label generation and data reporting, this laboratory ERP supports its users by helping them step by step to manage the smooth running of operations.

In addition, based on user-defined criteria, LIMS highlights data requiring special attention.

Another advantage of this application is that it does not require installation, just logging in.


100% web and connected

Whatever the device used, tablet, smartphone or computer, Odoo LIMS is accessible via a simple web browser (including native Android and iOS applications).


Based on its basic functions, the software is fully configurable according to the needs and wishes of the user and in the language of his choice.

Moreover, thanks to the adaptation of the access rights of each person and to a complete and configurable audit tool, the control of the integrity and an optimal security of the data is guaranteed.


Fully computerized and configurable, the software is capable of performing data analysis, reporting or creating purchase orders or invoices without the need for third party programs or paper versions.

Thanks to its configurable functionalities, the LIMS allows the optimisation of the laboratory organisation and the improvement of the workflow. Whether it is the generation, collection and management of results, this management system will maximise efficient working time while minimising the number of interventions required to complete tasks.

      LogicaSoft's added value

      Innovative partner. LogicaSoft is committed to significantly improving the performance of your business. With a unique approach that combines operational excellence with ERP, CRM or LIMS integration, LogicaSoft aims to eliminate wasted time and resources. While advising you on how to adapt your business processes to the implementation of these systems, we define with you the best implementation and data storage strategy (on-site, in the cloud). 

      Flexibility and professionnalism. LogicaSoft matches specifically to the SMI/SMEs' needs which cannot afford long cycles between decision to implement an ERP and operational phase. With a reduced number of interlocutors and their business expertise, LogicaSoft can be a competitive alternative to the traditional support of large consulting companies. 

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      Sample management

      Odoo LIMS allows you to track samples throughout their analysis cycle. No need for Excel files, paper systems,...

      Trade flow management

      Odoo LIMS allows you to manage the entire commercial flow of a laboratory from requests and quotations to invoicing and accounting. It is also possible to activate online payment functions.

      Compliance with normative requirements

      Odoo LIMS is compliant with accreditation standards (ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 15189, ...) and other reference standards such as CFR 21 PART 11, Eudralex.

      Cost reduction

      Not only does a LIMS allow you to optimize your processes and increase the productivity of your laboratory but Odoo LIMS allows you to do it for a reduced investment.

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