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Logicasoft becomes Dynapps

Laboratoire Huckert's International

The company

As a family-owned company with strong values, Huckert Laboratories develops, produces and markets unique disinfectants and cosmetics for the global market. The company has offices in Italy, France and Singapore. The success of their laboratory is based on the technicality of their products and on a subtle balance between fine chemistry and the power of plants.

Huckert Laboratories work under ISO 13485 (industry standard for the development, production, installation, maintenance and sale of medical devices).

Their needs

The objective of the Odoo deployment is to start again with a modern and complete digital environment. The functional coverage of this magnificent project is very broad: from CRM to stock management, including manufacturing, accounting and quality management, all in a multi-company environment.

The solution

Odoo will enable Huckert Laboratories to manage their processes much more optimally and efficiently than their current system.